Project Coordinator and Supervisor is:

Electrical Circuits, Signal and Image Processing Lab/Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering/Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH), Xanthi, Greece

DUTH is expected to contribute with its extensive experience in handwriting analysis and recognition methodologies.

Project partners are:

Institute for Language and Speech Processing/Athena Research Centre, Xanthi Branch (ILSP), Xanthi, Greece

ILSP has a significant language technologies experience and will focus on natural language analysis research to improve handwriting transcripts.

Omega Technology SA, Athens, Greece

OMEGA has years of experience in the field of information technology, having developed successful and remarkable projects for the private and public sector. It develops and manages innovative applications and e-business applications, e-government, educational software, geographic information systems and cultural heritage management. Experience in product development is a guarantee for the perfect completion of the final proposed system.

Prisma Electronics SA, Alexandroupolis, Greece

PRISMA is characterized by its continuous efforts to develop innovative high-tech corporate products and services in the field of Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Energy. Export Orientation in New-Dynamic Markets is a priority in the promotion of corporate products and a guarantee for optimal market research for the product of the project.